All members of the associated golf courses are automatically entitled to an Arabellagolf membership card, which is issued via their ‘home’ course. The membership card makes identification easier at partner courses, and enables holders to access benefits at Arabellagolf golf courses.
The Arabellagolf membership card number enables members to use the homepage login, and access a range of other offers. We update these offers continuously, and announce new offers on the homepage. Members are sent a newsletter for any special offers. It is therefore important that members log in to via the homepage and enter an email to receive this newsletter. For data protection reasons, we neither request nor receive any personal data from the clubs. Without registering with us via the homepage, the Arabellagolf membership card agency will be unable to contact members directly.
At the present time, it is not possible to apply for an Arabellagolf membership card without first being a member of one of the connected golf courses.

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