Ecologically, socially, economically

Sustainable economic activity as well as social and ecological commitment are anchored in the self-image of all Arabella Golf member companies. We treat our environment responsibly and are reliable partners for the communities in which we are at home. We create and secure jobs and generate high added value in the regions.
Our member companies operate targeted water and energy management and focus on sustainability in production and consumption. We are aware of the wealth and beauty of our flora and fauna and are exemplary in helping to preserve them.


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Water is our most precious resource. Sustainable water consumption and the use of recycled water are essential pillars to fight the water crisis we currently face.

From Arabella Golf Mallorca these are the actions we are taking for sustainable water management:

  • Reuse of 1,000,000 m3 of regenerated water that nourishes aquifers
  • New irrigation system that optimizes water use
  • Change of grass in Golf Son Muntaner that allows a lower use of chemicals and a remarkable saving of water
  • Replacing urinals in toilets and changing rooms with “no water” equipment


Conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy are the key to optimizing consumption by moving towards a cleaner and more sustainable model.

From Arabella Golf Mallorca these are the actions we are taking for sustainable energy management:

  • Use of clean energy by installing electric car charging points

  • Replacement of lighting fixtures in clubhouses with LED technology

  • Use of hybrid machinery

Arabella Golf Mallorca is developing an ambitious project to provide its facilities with photovoltaic panels and ensure that the generation of electrical energy is clean and sustainable. We hope to begin with this in mid-2020.


The objective of sustainable consumption and production is to do more and better things with less resources and in the most efficient way.

From Arabella Golf Mallorca these are the actions we are taking for sustainable consumption and production.

  • Installation of osmosis water sources and sale of aluminium bottles to avoid the use of plastics.
  • Oil production from olive trees located on the golf courses
  • Selective separation of waste material on the golf courses
  • Use of recycled material in stationery items of offices and clubhouses
  • Substitution of chemicals for organic phytosanitary products


The courses of Arabella Golf Mallorca are an example of how to preserve the natural environment and the flora and fauna present in these surroundings, as proven thanks to our Carbon Footprint Calculation.

From Arabella Golf Mallorca these are the actions we are taking for the preservation of the natural environment.

  • Compensation of CO2 emissions by means of the large green area of our 3 golf courses according to the calculation of our Carbon Footprint
  • Preserving the habitats of the species existing on our golf courses
  • Guided visits for schoolchildren to discover the flora and fauna on a golf course