Schloß Fuschl

Schloss Fuschl offers you a nice Golfcourse with a constant view over to the lake Fuschl.

The magnificent 9-hole course at the Schloss Fuschl Golf and Country Club lies directly beside the deep blue waters of Lake Fuschl, right on Salzburg’s doorstep. As one of the oldest golf courses in Austria and with a rich history stretching back to the 15th century, this course is one of the region’s real treasures.

One of the oldest golf courses in Austria and a historic location stretching back to the 15th century. From Kaiser Maximilian I to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and ‘Salt Baron’ Carl Adolf Vogel, Fuschl has housed a variety of famous individuals. Past guests also include Herbert von Karajan, Prince Rainier of Monaco, Curd Jürgens, Roger Moore and even individuals who shaped the course of history, such as American President Richard Nixon and Communist Party First Secretary and leader of the USSR, Nikita Krushchev.

Schlossstraße 1
A-5322 Hof-Salzburg

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Fax: +43 6229 23905